NUS – National Education Conference

This July the National Union of Students (NUS) will be hosting their annual education conference.

NUS is the peak representative body for undergraduate students in Australia. NUS works to protect the rights of students across Australia, organises national campaigns on issues affecting students in a range of different areas, and makes sure that the student voice is heard by the government, the media, and the public.

The education conference is designed to get students together from across the country to talk about current issues affecting higher education. The conference will allow an opportunity to discuss previous campaigns run this year, as well as workshop future campaigns around education rights.

NUS was the co-ordinator of the 2 National Days of Action this semester, the first in March prior to the budget, and the emergency NDA held on 21st of May against the proposed changes to higher education. This year more than ever students across the country need to bind together and fight against the Abbott Government.

The Abbott Government’s budget that was recently released will be most damaging to students. It states the implementation of deregulated fees, which will allow universities the freedom to charge whatever price they want for your degree. Deregulated fees will turn a $10,000 degree into a $100,000 degree, increasing in accessibility for students from low SES backgrounds. We will also be seeing the addition of interest rates on our HECS debt attributing to thousands of dollars of extra debt.

This years budget will be detrimental to students which is why this years education conference is so important. The education conference is a great opportunity for student activists around the county to network and share experiences and skills.

This years education conference will be held from the 9-11th July in Perth at the University of Western Australia.

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