International Students’ Officer’s Report

The international students collective of USyd has been trying to get more international students involved on campus in April. We also have a new international student officer get elected from the student representative council (SRC), Lu He.  The officers are working together to talk to international students on campus and try to let as many international students to know about the legal service provided by SRC as possible. We try to expand the collective and increase the number of members of international students collective. That is why we are going to hold the first event of international students collective meet and greet night at 7pm on the 13th of May, this is our collective’s major event in May. Free food and drinks will be provided; the purpose of this event is to gather all members or non-members to meet each other, get to know and join the collective, and also introduce the legal service to students which provided by the SRC for international students, local students are also welcome to join, we also need local students to support out collective.

The major program of the collective in May is the free language exchange program. This idea is new from the collective, in order to improve international students’ English and, English communication skills and help them to get more interaction with local students, local students who wants to learn a new language or who are currently studying a specific language in university also benefit from this program, students are paired to teach each other different languages. For example, a local student help outs with an international student with English at the first hour and international student teaches a local student with their mother language at the second hour. Each section is 2hours and the collective will in charge of the match students with their time preference. This program will benefit both international and local students. The program will start from Monday, the 4th of May. We wish more both international students can join our collective and get more involved at university. If you are interested in the language exchange program, please feel free to email:

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