Erasing Academic Transcript Fees and Student Councillor Accountability

Hello everyone, Madison this week! I’ve been in contact with the student centre about erasing those $15 fees for our Academic Transcripts and we’re off on a journey to investigate an online official transcript system. This would cost the University about $18K initially and $6K annually; these are negligible costs for the University which is GREAT for internship and job applicants!

At this stage, we understand that the system would make your access to transcripts unlimited, free and super easy.

As a reminder, current USyd students applying for internal honours positions, scholarships etc. do not need to purchase their transcripts, as they can be accessed internally. This information will be communicated to faculties to ensure no students are wasting money on hard copy transcripts where is is unnecessary.

I’ve also just launched COUNT, an initiative about councillor accountability which I hope will re-inject some of the spirit of service and transparency back into student politics. I’ve compiled all of our councillors’ candidate statements and goals into a spreadsheet (in short, I’ve written down the reasons why they were voted in) and some of the Executive team will be meeting with myself and each councillor to talk about how we can support them in achieving the goals they were elected to work on! Hopefully this will also increase Council meeting attendance, too.

I really want to see all of your SRC working for you and putting all of their great ideas for your university experience into amazing realities.

Madison McIvor

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