Environment Officer’s Report – Week 3, Sem 2, 2016

Lily Matchett and Maushmi Powar

The Enviro Collective is back at it after another great Students of Sustainability conference! Students of Sustainability (SoS) was in Brisbane this year, on Jagera and Turrbal country. We had some awesome plenary’s with speakers discussing first nation women’s involvement in the environmental movement and the history of resistance in Brisbane. Awesome workshops were also run covering topics from permaculture to Marxist ecology.

Coming into Semester 2, the Enviro Collective plans on working on our connections with other grassroots groups and Fossil Free USYD! We’ll be having regular stalls on Wednesdays on Eastern Avenue so come say hi!

Members of the Enviro Collective have been attending Grandmas Against Removal (GMAR) rallies in solidarity in response to the terrible treatment of indigenous and Aboriginal children in juvenile detention centres.  A workshop on ‘Whiteness and Aboriginal Solidarity’ will be held at 7.30pm on 11 August @ the Waterloo Tent Embassy. People from the Collective will be attending and I strongly encourage you to attend as well. Here’s the Facebook link –https://www.facebook.com/events/1738223453101456/.

Fossil Free USYD is getting a kick-start this semester! We’ll be banner painting this week so look out for the event on the Facebook group – USYD Enviro Collective 2016. We’re looking for more than just a 20% commitment to the divestment of the University’s money from coal, oil and gas – so look out for some fun actions!!

Hope to see you all soon!

Best regards,
Maushmi and Lily