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The SRC convenes groups of students that form around issues or identities – these are collectives! They are some of the best ways to learn about things you care about and meet some new mates.

Wom*n's Collective (WOCO) Wom*n's Collective The University of Sydney Wom*n's Collective (or WOCO, for short) is your place for intersectional feminist activism, education and support on campus. WOCO is an autonomous collective. So if you don’t identify as a man, and hate the patriarchy, welcome aboard. WOCO organises around issues central to wom*n, such as reproductive rights, sexual assault on campus, and more. We run reading groups, attend rallies together, and hold weekly meetings either in the Wom*n’s Room in Manning, or the Wom*n’s office in the SRC building. We also print two publications yearly: Growing Strong and Wom*n’s Honi. Everything you see and read in these publications is put together by the collective. 2018 is going to be an exciting and productive year for us. In particular, we’re going to continue the fight against sexual assault on campus, mobilise around sexual harassment in workplaces, and try and implement safe access zones around abortion clinics in NSW. We’d love for you to get involved and share your ideas. Email us at, or shoot us a message on on our Facebook page ‘The University Of Sydney Women’s Collective’.
Education Action Group (EAG) Education Action Group The Education Action Group is a campus-based collective of activists. We are primarily focused on organising the fight for free education and mobilising against government and localised attacks. We believe that education should be a right, not a privilege for only those who can afford it. This perspective informs much of our work and leads us to other areas of activism. The Turnbull government continues to try to cut education funding and make students pay more whilst worsening the quality of our education. On March 21 we will be speaking out on campus for free education and against the government attacks - please join us! This year, the EAG has resolved to take up a range of issues, particularly focusing on anti racist activism. As the far right continues to grow in influence around the world, Islamophobia intensifies and outrageous injustice inflicted upon indigenous people and refugees continues, it has never been a more important time to be an anti racist activist. We meet regularly throughout the semester! Join our Facebook group to get involved: ‘fb/groups/usydeag/’ or contact Lily or Lara, the Education officers at
Environment Collective (ENVIRO) Environment Collective The Enviro Collective at Sydney is a group of students committed to grassroots organising to protect the diverse ecosystems of this continent. As a part of the Australian Students Environment Network (ASEN) we organise on and off campus to fight destruction and exploitation of the environment. We also love going for bushwalks together and having community dinners. We empower students to take direct action against logging of old growth forest and opposing the expansion of mining around Australia. On campus, we run workshops and discussion groups about environmental justice, and are committed to exposing the corrupt ties between our university and the fossil fuel industry. We’re an open and welcoming group that runs skill-shares between old and new members to collectively increase our knowledge and power. We believe in anti-hierarchical organising and aim to be anti-capitalist and anticolonial in our approach. We are for climate justice and stand in solidarity with the Indigenous people of this land and with each other. To contact us, email
Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR) ACAR The Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR) is an SRC collective that provides an inclusive safe space with an activist dynamic and support system for those who identify as a ‘person of colour,’ Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander, and/or feel marked or marginalised by white supremacy. We aim to foster a warm, supportive and proactive group to address issues of racism, both within the University and beyond, in our greater communities. Through weekly meetings and the creation of events and projects for both collective members and the wider university community, we hope to open and further discussion and awareness about experiences and issues surrounding racism and white supremacy. ACAR continues to promote and ensure the representation of people of colour and our multitude of experiences through a variety of initiatives over the year. There is also an autonomous Ethnocultural Space in Manning House. For more information email

Queer action Collective (QUAC) QUAC The USYD Queer Action Collective is a politically active collective which runs campaigns against all kinds of oppression linked to the discrimination of LGBTQ+ people. We hold weekly meetings during which we collectively decide what campaign to run or be a part of, such as the marriage quality campaign, the Manus refugee crisis and the sexual assault campaign. For more info email
Indigenous Collective Indigenous Collective The Indigenous Collective is proud to hold well over 300 undergraduate students from The Block to remote Western Australia and up to the Torres Strait. This year, we again want to focus on community and building a stronger student body of culturally engaged Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. Regular Koori Lunches and many other events will occur throughout the year as we look forward to building the mob. Advocacy is a large part of our duties as SRC office bearers, and we will always help in promoting Indigenous issues, in particular those directly effecting students on campus. We are so thankful of all the ongoing help by the staff members of Mana Yura, the University’s Indigenous student support services team. In particular the team can help with student housing, scholarship assistance, tutoring assistance and everything in between. We are looking forward to a big 2018, and for more Indigenous inclusion at the University. Our email is
International Student's Collective International Student's Collective The International Student's Collective aims to fight for the rights of international students and help international students' make connections with one another in their home-away-from-home. Email or join the ‘USYD International Students' Collective on Facebook’ for more information.
The Disabilities Collective & Caregivers Network The Disabilities Collective & Caregivers Network The Disabilities Collective is an autonomous collective for undergraduate students who have a disability as defined by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) as “those who have long-term physical, mental, intellectual or sensory impairments which in interaction with various barriers may hinder their full and effective participation in society on an equal basis with others." This includes people with mental, chronic, or terminal illnesses; people who are neurodivergent; people who are blind or partially sighted and people who are D/deaf or hard of hearing, regardless of whether they identify as disabled or as having a disability. The Caregivers Network is an initiative for students who provide substantial informal caregiving support to friends or family members who are disabled. If you’d like to get involved in Disability Inclusion Week, activism, social events, and more, get in touch! You can find our public Facebook page at Contact the 2019 OBs Wilson Huang and Hayden Moon at or fill out the form on our Facebook page to be added to either of our closed Facebook groups.