Abe gives tips for success at uni

Dear Abe,

I’ve attended all of the sessions and stalls available at O week.  I was wondering if there was anything else I needed to know to be able to do well at this degree.

Just a Little Bit

Dear Just a Little Bit,

I’ve seen lots of different types of people go through uni and I reckon there’s a bit of a recipe for success.

Attend all of your classes and do all of your readings.  This sounds like more work than just bluffing your way through tutorials, but you’ll actually pick things up much quicker and have a better understanding of the material.  Assessments and exams will also be easier to prepare for and you will score better marks.  Most importantly you are less likely to fail anything, meaning you won’t have to repeat a subject.

Check out the Learning Centre courses as soon as you can.  Some people say they have no time to do these extra courses, but actually putting in the time for them now, will save you heaps of time later.  Generally speaking people who get help from the learning centre will improve their marks by one grade.  That is, if you had got a pass for that assignment you’d probably get a credit with the Learning Centre’s help.  Check out their website too, they have great modules on referencing properly, time management and a bunch of other topics.

Deal with any problems you have during the semester WHEN THEY HAPPEN.  Talk to SRC HELP or someone in the Faculty to get whatever it is you need.
Most of all allow yourself to have fun.  This should be an awesome time of your life.


Abe is the SRC’s welfare dog.  This column offers students the opportunity to ask questions on anything.  This can be as personal as a question on a Centrelink payment or as general as a question on the state of the world.  Send your questions to help@src.usyd.edu.au.  Abe gathers his answers from experts in a number of areas.  Coupled with his own expertise on dealing with people, living on a low income and being a dog, Abe’s answers can provide you excellent insight.

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