Wom*n’s Officers – Week 4, Sem 1, 2018

Jessica Syed and Madeline Ward

This past week we have held our counter protest to the pro life “Day Of The Unborn Child” event. It was important for us to non-platform rhetoric such as this which is violent towards people accessing abortion: pro life groups are demeaning, shame people and their tradition stems from a misogynistic and patriarchal idealisation of the nuclear family. We notified police of our intent to protest but our peaceful and legal assembly was thwarted by the riot squad and mounted police nonetheless. Some resisted and were arrested; protestors were pushed, shoved and, as video footage has shown, assaulted. WOCO officially hates cops and we wonder why they have such huge ego complexes when the majority of them look lie jumbo white Lego bricks. Sad.Our system of ushering patients into the Surry Hills abortion clinic is continuing and the pro-life protestors are not happy. They continue to send bulky cop-like male reinforcement rosary wielders to stand in front of us and intimidate us into not reappearing and providing the ushering service. Maddy has been christened the “principal deathscort of the abortion mill”. We have responded to this weird crusade-like behaviour by loudly discussing Marxist ideology and our respective sex lives. It is heartwarming to see them flinch and grip their rosary beads just that little bit harder.

We are trying to organise an internal roster to help the Martin Street Kitchen. Homelessness affects women in a profound way, particularly women who have been marginalised most by class, white supremacy, a disability, or by domestic violence.
We find it interesting that Liz Broderick would apologise for the nature of her review into college culture yet still not disclose the contents of a secret report. Spence and Liz, we’ll be on you shortly, manipulating FOIs to get the dirt. Beware.

Speaking of Spence, we will be meeting with him just as this edition rolls onto stands. Should be an interesting chat. Promise we won’t be too mean.