Wom*n’s Officers’ Report – Week 4, Sem 2, 2017

Imogen Grant and Katie Thorburn

This Friday is Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV). The University of Sydney Wom*n’s Collective stands with transgender and non-binary people and their struggles against gender-based discrimination, particularly those along feminine-spectrum identities. To celebrate TDOV, come to our Radical Trans Politics Workshop on Tuesday the 28th 5pm in Old Teachers College Rm 427 (Level 4). It will explore the roots of trans oppression under capitalism and colonialism, the development of the trans rights movement, and the problems with trans liberalism. On Friday the 31st we will also be hosting a film screening of Paris is Burning before the QuAC party at STUCCO – please come, there will be food!

The Survivor Network is up and running. The idea for the initiative stems from a similar network in Pakistan, and the lion’s share of the work to make it happen has come from Post-Grad Women’s Officer, the formidable, Mariam Mohammed. The space has already provided incredible support for the courageous women survivors who are taking part. Being able to talk openly and realise you’re not alone brings an immense source of strength for many of the survivors. If you are a survivor and think this space could be helpful, or you’d like to know more, email usydwomenscollective@gmail.com.

After much pressure from the student body and survivor advocates, USyd is currently considering a consent module to be rolled out to students. We trialled the Consent Matters module. This module clearly doesn’t even meet the University’s own academic standards for best practice as students don’t have to answer questions to progress to the next section of the module! WoCo maintains that USyd should seek the assistance of international leaders in sexual assault prevention education, such as Professor Moira Carmody, in creating a USyd specific module.

On Sunday we hosted a Pro-Choice Rally. The protest comes at a crucial time. We seem to be at an impasse around the issue of abortion in NSW. On one hand, we’re so close to legalising abortion in NSW and implementing exclusion zones, however, simultaneously Fred Nile is resurrecting his war on body-autonomy by re-introducing “Zoe’s Law”. More reason to follow our public page and join our FB group!