Women’s Officer’s Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2019

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

Welcome Week:
We edited the USYD Women Handbook 2019, available via: https://issuu.com/srcpubs/docs/women_handbook-final-web_version
We gave out purple tote bags, Future Women memberships and USYD Women 2019 Stickers, designed by Kate Scott.
We sourced U by Kotex pads, jewellery by Olyeu, lollies and information from the Sydney School of Entrepreneurship to include in the bags.

Sanitary Item Project:
We are intending on running a program where all students who require sanitary items are able to access them for free. There will be a donation box towards the charity KindNecessities.

International Women’s Day:
IWD is on the 8th of March and we have two events:
1) Volunteers to UN’s IWD breakfast.
2) Holding a USYD IWD lunch and screening of the Oscar-winning documentary: Period. End of Sentence.

External Events: *Discounts available*
– Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers, “A Conversation About Feminism,” (This is 42).
– Australia-Indonesia Youth Association’s “Women Who Lead: Stories of Success” panel talk by professionals across the business, entrepreneurship, media and engineering sectors.

We established consultation hours from 1-2:30pm each Tuesday in the SRC or otherwise by appointment by email or FB message request.
Facebook page: USYDWomen2019.
Email: womens.officers@src.usyd.edu.au

Sexual harassment and assault:
Sarah Tynan, NUS Women’s officer was at our Welcome Week stand raising awareness about NUS’s campaign alongside EROC Australia and The Hunting Ground- Australia calling for a National Taskforce into sexual violence at universities.
An excerpt of the open letter we have signed:

“We are calling for a National Taskforce…: