Women’s Officer’s Report – O-week, Sem 1, 2018

Jessica Syed and Madeline Ward

Your somehow-not-yet-burnt-out wom*n’s officers have let out a sigh of relief in our cavernous office as we realised that, yes, we did indeed do three hundred words worth of work over the summer break. We can now fill up this report word count, all the while doting on the fruits of our labour.

Much of the break was consumed in putting together Growing Strong, our annual autonomous publication. After a gruelling week of laying up in late January during which we saw through both space and time, the magazine is now bound up as a neat and glossy thirty-two page marvel. It features feminist art/poetry/prose created by collective members. It is diverse in both its content and contributors, and we are proud to be showcasing such a great spread of voices. It is available on the SRC issuu.com page for your viewing pleasure.
We have put our scheming hats on and met with a vast array of Big Personalities, such as MPs Penny Sharpe and Mehreen Faruqi, and Elizabeth Broderick, to discuss safe access zones around abortion clinics/abortion decriminalisation, and the cultural review into St. Paul’s College, respectively.

We are pretty pissed off about Consent Matters as it is a) NOT what our collective recommended b) NOT geared toward Australian students c) NOT going to change people’s actual behaviour re: consent. Sexual assault at USYD is still an issue, and we will be continuing to pester the university with our discontent. Stay tuned.

Speaking of discontent, we have had contingents to pro-Palestine rallies, and rallies in support of justice for Aboriginal people, most notably Invasion Day. We continue to prioritise the struggles of Aboriginal people in our collective and recognise that women of colour and Aboriginal women are fucked over so much more than white women.