What is the deal with being sick? Do I need to tell my lecturers / tutors if I can’t come to a class?

Sick Not Tired

Dear Sick Not Tired,

Most subjects have a rule that if you miss 20% or more of your classes you might be given an Absent Fail grade, regardless of what your marks are for any assessments. If you are going to miss a class get a Professional Practitioner’s Certificate (the University’s format for a doctor’s certificate) from your doctor or if they are unavailable get a home visit doctor. Check online for details or if you have OSHC check who they recommend. It is good manners to email your tutor to explain that you will not be in class. You could take that opportunity to ask what you missed out on, and how you can catch up. If you are sick for an assessment apply for Special Consideration within 3 working days. Late applications are unlikely to be considered.


More information about Special Consideration

Apply for Special Consideration on the Sydney Uni site