It has been a pleasure to serve the 91st SRC this year in our capacity as Vice Presidents.

  • Over the past two weeks, we have joined the SRC in condemning racism and Sinophobia; made oral submissions for the 2020 SSAF allocation; and, attended over 4 committees covering everything from a new Student Organisations Policy and the French Review.
  • In 2019, we have worked on many administrative matters in the SRC, regularly meeting with staff from all the Admin, Casework and Publications departments and the SRC Legal Service.
  • We have had stronger engagement with our Faculty Societies, organising joint events with them.
  • We have introduced a Textbook Subsidy Program, helping low SES students with purchasing learning materials.
  • We have worked on the largest increase in the SRC’s SSAF allocation, increasing by over 10% in 2019 from $1.8 million to over $2 million. This will keep the SRC is a strong financial position into the future.
  • We have worked on a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement with our staff, which protected their rights and gave a pay increase.
  • We contributed to the SRC’s presence at Welcome Week, increasing our visibility and handing out over 10,000 wallplanners.
  • We have visited satellite campuses on more than nine occasions, bringing Health Days to showcase the services they can access.
  • We expanded Welfare Week, engaging students with services and programs that directly help them.
  • We have created two Research and Policy Officers, who are finalising their reports soon.
  • We have worked in redesigning the SRC’s website.
  • Between us, we have attended every Council, Executive, Standing Legal Committee and Intercampus Committee meeting.
  • We have written 10 Council reports, 22 Executive reports and 16 Honi Soit reports. In total, that is 48 reports, which is more than any past Vice Presidents.
  • And we organising a celebration as the SRC turns 90!

We would like to thank our staff, Executive and Council for putting up with us for the past eleven months. We wish the Vice Presidents of the 92st SRC – Charlotte Bullock and Felix Faber – the very best.

Dane Luo and Caitlyn Chu