Get Excited for Semester 2

We are very excited for semester 2! We are currently working on supporting students with purchasing textbooks and learning equipment with a new program to be released shortly! There will be Welfare Week in semester 2 week 2 where the SRC, student support organisations, unions and NGOs can tell you about their services and how we can support you. There will also be free food, and who doesn’t love free food? At the end of the year, the SRC turns 90 and we will be celebrating our history as the peak representative body for undergraduate students.

Transition Units

We want to hear from you! The University has suggested embedding ‘enriched transition support’ in a core unit in each degree to help with the change from secondary to tertiary education. Degrees that already have a core unit (eg Commerce) would have changes to that to bring in this support. Other degrees (eg Arts) without an existing core unit would look to introduce a core unit. If anyone would like to express a view or have any ideas, please feel free to email us at

Know your Student Rights – Show Cause

As we approach the holidays, we would like you to be aware of the term ‘Show Good Cause’ or “Stage 3 of academic progression”. The University might send you a letter to ‘show good cause’ as to why you should be allowed to continue studying your degree. This might happen if you failed half or more subjects in a couple of semesters, failed a core unit or placement, or have a WAM below 50.

Responding to this letter is important so you can continue studying your degree. If you don’t, you might be excluded. Or worse, for international students, your visa might be cancelled. The SRC can help. Our dedicated team of caseworkers can tell you how best to respond to a show cause letter. Start by looking at the guide on our website, draft your letter, then email your draft to our caseworkers at