Condemnation of the Racial Abuse towards Asian Students

The University of Sydney Students’ Representative Council unequivocally condemns the racial abuse that took place outside the Wentworth Building last week. Australia as a multicultural country, and the University of Sydney as a higher education institution that consists of both domestic and international students, is a culturally and racially inclusive environment. Any slurs or languages that disempower a particular race should absolutely not be tolerated and is unacceptable. We call on the University to investigate this incident and identify the person who has been delivering intimidating slurs to the asian students and we request the person responsible to bear ethical and legal consequences for this racist incident.

Over the next few months, the SRC will be working with the USU to conduct anti-racism campaigns in order to reduce the frequencies of racially abusive incidents from happening, and do our best to improve cross cultural understanding amongst all students. The SRC will further work with the University at the Student Life Committee and Safer Communities Advisory Group to devise action plans to ensure student safety on and off campus.

Yours Sincerely,