Charlotte Bullock and Felix Faber

Week 1, 2020

Welcome Week

Over the summer break we have been working with other office bearers to ensure that the SRC has a strong presence at Welcome Week. This is a key time to engage new students with the SRC and all the services and assistance it provides. Over summer we assisted with the production of the handbook by writing and providing editing where needed. Additionally, over the last week we helped pack the SRC’s Welcome Week tote bags, working over the weekend along with a team of other office bearers to get all 2000 bags ready.

Over the course of Welcome Week, we manned the SRC’s stall, giving out tote bags and wall planners. This was a great opportunity to meet new and continuing students and answer their questions about how the SRC can help them.

Student Engagement

Our Welcome Week plans will carry over into Week 1 as we will be attending the SULS First Year Crash Course to give a short presentation on the work of the SRC. One of our goals for this year is to be able to create a better working relationship between the respective faculty societies and the SRC as part of the Interfaculty Committee. We have reached out to the various faculty societies on campus to join this committee, which we are hoping will prove valuable in engaging students with the not just the services, but the activism of the SRC. We see this event as an important first step towards achieving this goal. We will also be visiting satellite campuses with the SRC caseworker service to ensure that incoming students at every campus are aware of the support that the SRC can offer new students.

Student Representation

Since our term began in December, we have represented the SRC on a number of university committees. These include the Student Associations’ Policy Committee, the Undergraduate Studies Committee, and the University Executive Student Life Committee. In our roles on committees, we’ve been working to hold the University to account on many of its harmful policies, such as the Students Association policy that would give University administration control over the functioning of student organisations.