Vice President’ Report – O-Week, Sem 1 2018

Adriana Olguin Malavisi

Since the beginning of my term, I have been trying to think of ways in which I can actively get involved in my role as vice-president. I have spoken to my co-VP to see what our goals are this year, I’m very excited to help out with the campaigns he will be running, and have very high hopes for what we will achieve. What I wish to do during the first part of 2018 is an initiative which helps students access services on and off campus for things such as mental health, student housing, financial help, special considerations, etc. Although there are quite a few services available on and off campus, it can be quite overwhelming, and they’re not often well advertised. Students need to know how to access the services available to them in such a way that they are comfortable, and confident that they will receive genuinely meaningful advice and assistance. Another thing is making sure students know all the options they have when it comes to appeals and special consideration, as the schools and faculties sometimes fail to make this clear. Obviously the special considerations system can often be quite brutal, but it does provide a lot of safe guards and support for students who are struggling with their mental and/or physical health, though we should still push for a more compassionate system, we must first make sure students are aware of what’s available to them. At a meeting with some of the executive the idea of a ‘Services Week” was brought up. This would be a short 3-day occasion which, much like Radical Sex week or Radical Education Week, and run similar to student elections (but less annoying and way less stressful.) It would involve directly engaging students during events, on eastern avenue, and in lectures. The purpose of this would be to publicize all services provided by the University, USU, and SRC whether it be financial, personal health, student housing, etc. as well as services not provided for by the university.