There are a wide range of support networks available to students who identify as having a disability

There are a wide range of support networks available to students who identify as having a disability accessible by registering with the university’s Disability services. The purpose of this is to allow students to be given as much of an equal opportunity to access their course material and assessments tasks in  the best manner possible tailored to that students needs. Disability services makes your teaching staff aware of your needs whilst not disclosing your exact circumstances. If you are hesitant about registering with Disability Services and would like to seek independent advice in doing so, you can make an appointment to see a SRC Caseworker by calling 9660 5222 or visit the SRC at Wentworth Building Level 1 for a Drop-in visit on Tuesdays & Thursdays, between 1 and 3pm.
This collective provides an opportunity for students to share their lived experiences with one another and to identify and formulate plans for resolving issues within the university that affect students who identify as having carers ​responsibilities or being a person with a disability. Remember there are many kinds of disability, it is in fact the largest minority on the planet, more often then not however a lot of issues faced by people can go ignored and that’s why it’s important to get involved. By using ones lived experience to make people aware of the issues faced it is possible to move people from pondering mere abstract concepts to thinking about the real world that some of us negotiate each day. That’s why we are looking for members to help raise awareness about the diverse lives that we lead and how they are affected by our impairments and responsibilities. With such a wide range of impairments and responsibilities it is impossible for a few to speak for the many. So lets share our challenges and make them part of our success.  

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