The Wom*n’s Collective went wild on Saturday the 14th of March with TWO events in one day

Hello there, regular readers (probably just our mums and some loyal friends)—bet you missed us! Well, never fear—we’ve got lots to tell you.

The Wom*n’s Collective went wild on Saturday the 14th of March with TWO events in one day. We kicked off the morning at the International Wom*n’s Day march. Somewhere in amongst Penny For Newtown campaign propaganda and various Marx and union enthusiasts, we strolled casually but indignantly through the city. We explained kyriarchy to some confused passersby and even managed to make a t-shirt sale mid rally. Amongst a sea of whiteness (literally and politically) our “Decolonise Your Feminism”, written in sweet bubble writing over an Indigenous flag, and “Fight For Wom*n of Colour” attracted some necessary attention. Feeling like we’d single handedly brought intersectionality to IWD, we rushed home to get “glammed up” for the Growing Strong Launch that night.

There are so many feels we could share about the Launch. The performers were fantastic; Jane Park was wonderful; the falafels were, unfortunately, finite. An hour before we’d resigned ourselves to sitting in the venue alone and consuming the eight boxes of pide ourselves. Luckily for our health and the future of wom*n’s activism at Sydney University, that wasn’t necessary. Thank you to everyone who came. Such a huge turn out was unexpected, but all the more wonderful for it. Thank you also to Caitlin Still and Fancy Chen who both read their works to us and to those who helped us set up and/or pack up.

We’ve decided to start a new segment to help our readers in their radical education. Each fortnight we’ll share some articles that have been scoring likes on the Wom*n’s Collective facebook group. This week we’re giving JAM a callback in the pages of Honi Soit, as two of its editors have written wholesome, critical, must-read pieces. Lucy Watson’s “Reflections On My Assault, One Year Ago Today” on and Rafi Alam’s “disperse – away from my mother’s land” on Armed are our first recommendations. Terrific people, terrific writing, and pretty good reminders that the personal is political. That’s all for now – until next time (we’ll miss you).

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