Tenaya Alattas writes about EduFactory

Welcome to 2013. Welcome to the university, in which you get to pay for the privilege of your participation (especially if you are an international student). Welcome to the tertiary education system under a Federal Labor Government, looking every day more like a production line geared towards the “needs” of a capitalist world economy. Welcome to a university system that is groaning under the weight of cutbacks and suffering a lack of democratic decision making. Welcome to a user-pays education, where you pay money you may never have for an education that is meant to be a community benefit.

Welcome to your education – to a time when it you have the opportunity to be politicised and critical about what it means to be a student in the current university system. In a society rife with sexism, racism, able-ism, homophobia (etc.) and other profound social inequities, an aim of Edufactory 2012 was to challenge both the political economy and the able-bodied, gendered and racial nature of the educational institution. In 2013, the conference will use this starting point to branch out further into the realms of critical discussion.

The Edufactory Conference 2013, comprising three days of political discussion, skill sharing, and debates on the future of national education activism. Whether its finding out more about international struggles against the corporatisation of the university, discussing alternatives to user-pays education, or plotting mischievous actions that expose the extractive-industry funding tactics of our university administrations, everyone is welcome. Faced with a fucked-up higher education system we ask all students concerned with the current crises in university education to converge at the sandstone enclave that is Sydney University for Edufactory 2013!

Come to the Edufactory Conference:

When: 25-28 April
Where: Gadigal country at The University of Sydney
Registration / cost: $10 or $30 if you’re feeling supportive
For more info: visit http://edufactory2013.wordpress.com or get in touch with the organising collective: edufactory2013@gmail.com

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