Tenaya Alattas wants to see you at the Open Day strike

Last week on the 18th of August the  NTEU and CPSU engaged in their sixth day of industrial action; and true to form the police stood behind the picket lines ensuring vechiles have a save and uninterrupted passage into the university. Yep, the NTEU and CPSU haven’t got there pay rise, Micheal Spence is still being uncompromising and staff and students still hold pickets to protect staff working conditions and our learning conditions. With one arrest on the student picket on and outrage palpably manifest banding together against the arbitrary nature of arrests: the take home message of the 18th is an injury to one is an injury to all.

“On August 31 thousands of potential students will be flocking to Sydney Uni for the annual Open Day. A strike is already planned. It’s time to bring the industrial dispute to a bigger audience!

Since Michael Spence became Vice-Chancellor Sydney Uni management has tried to sack hundreds of staff and slash wages and conditions. At the same time, they have invested hundreds of millions into campus infrastructure – cos at Sydney Uni management values buildings over people.

This is our opportunity to show prospective students what the USYD ‘experience’ is really like.

A series of actions will take place throughout the day. Everyone should help out.

Most importantly, a tent city will be set up in the Quadrangle from 7.00am on Open Day, to disrupt the functioning of the event.

Other actions that we’re planning include:
1. A ‘Banned Bloc’. Several of the students and workers who have been banned from campus in the course of the industrial dispute will congregate in the quad and invite the police to arrest them in front of hundreds of potential students.
2. Wheat-pasting the uncensored front cover of the banned issue of ‘VaginaSoit’ all around campus
3. Sydney Uni Theatre!
– the ‘Johns College experience’: imitating the fun times that students have at Sydney Uni colleges; hazing, drink spiking, sexist graffiti, wooo! Let’s mock these sexist bastards.
– Dramatic re-enactments of riot police brutalising students in true USyd style. Bring pig masks.
4. We will burn an effigy of Michael Spence and give a Spence piñata a well-deserved beat down.
5. If Spence dares show his face we will chase him across campus like at La Trobe
6. Invading seminars and talks and disrupting them.
7. Chalking and postering up a storm. Let’s write slogans and put up posters that express our disgust at USyd management.
8. We’ll hold a political cricket match on Eastern Avenue during the day, where we’ll hit Spence for six.
Invite all your friends. We’d love folks to come up with their own action ideas! Let’s fuck up Open Day!!”


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