Support the National Day of Action against education cuts.

Wednesday March 26 is the National Day of Action against Abbott and Pyne’s cuts to higher education. Minister for Education Christopher Pyne has introduced a bill in Parliament to cut $900 million from higher education and another bill to cut student start-up scholarships. With the senate changing in July these bills are at great risk of getting passed, consequently having devastating results of the quality of higher education in Australia and the inclusiveness of University.

The NDA is being co-ordinated by the National Union of Students (the National representative body for students) in conjunction with Universities all over Australia. There will be marches in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart.

The NTEU (National Tertiary Education Union) the major Union that represents your lecturers and tutors has come out with this statement of support:

“The National Union of Students has called a NDA on 26 March to protest the Abbott Government’s repressive agenda for higher education. NTEU supports students taking action to protest cuts to education and to student financial support. NTEU members stand alongside students advocating quality higher education for all. NTEU calls upon academic staff not to penalise students absent from classes while taking part in the National Day of Action.”

This March will be commencing from 12pm at Fisher Library, and then marching up to UTS to join the major march at 1pm. This is an amazing opportunity to demonstrate the unrest on behalf of students for any cuts
to education.

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