At the beginning of 2020, the University introduced a Student Charter, that outlined their expectations for your behaviour as a student, and member of the University community, as well as their commitment to you. The charter is one of their many policy documents, and can be viewed on the University’s register:, alongside policies on a number of issues, including, special consideration, academic appeals, and academic honesty. Although all classes are online this semester, these rules apply now, more than ever.

In brief, the charter says…

You can expect that the University will:
Prioritise your safety;
Create a supportive learning environment;
Receive your feedback;
Treat you fairly, honestly, transparently and with courtesy;
Protect your academic freedom;
Maintain high academic standards;
Protect your privacy;
Respond to your complaints; and,
Comply with its own policies.

The University can expect that
you will:

Behave respectfully;
Be honest and ethical;
Avoid engaging in bullying, harassment or discrimination;
Be co-operative with the University;
Use resources equitably;
Support freedom of speech;
Comply with their policies;
Contribute to learning;
Promote high academic standards;
Commit to academic integrity;
Work collaboratively in learning experiences, including group work;
Behave professionally, ethically and respectfully during placements and external learning opportunities.

Of course, there are consequences for breaching these rules, including being excluded from your studies for a semester or two, or even being expelled. There are consequences for the University and its staff if they breach the policy as well. To discuss either of these scenarios, please call 9660 5222 to book and appointment with an SRC Caseworker.

We Encourage all Students to read the charter in full available here: