Madeleine Clark, Monica McNaught-Lee

Madeleine Clark, Monica McNaught-Lee

Women’s Officers



Consultation meetings: Tuesdays 1-2:30pm at the SRC office.

The Women’s Collective is a horizontal autonomous organising space for radically left-wing feminist activism. We are one of the most radical and active campus feminist collectives in the country. WoCo has organised at the University of Sydney for over 50 years, primarily focusing on activism against sexual violence on and off campus, and for abortion access and reproductive justice. We fight to free all who suffer under patriarchy.

As a collective which meets and works on the stolen land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, in a colonial state of ongoing racial violence, we must centre Indigenous justice in our fight for feminist justice. WoCo fights alongside the First Nations peoples of Warrang and the many other countries that make up this land to decolonise the illegitimate settler society of so-called ‘australia’.

WoCo is an autonomous collective, which means that membership and entry to meetings is open to anyone whom is not a cisgender man. Our events, however, are generally open to all. We meet weekly to discuss the current landscape of feminist issues, and to strategise and organise our activism accordingly. We host many rallies and organising events, as well as community education events such as panels, reading groups, and open discussions.

Please don’t hesitate to get involved or to seek support. Our main form of communication is our closed Facebook group, just answer a few short questions first!

Facebook page:

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Instagram: @usydwoco

Twitter: @usydwoco

Growing Strong, Women’s Handbook 2021 – Read online

We hope this edition of Growing Strong brings you a new perspective and ignites new possibilities for your 2021. Here’s to all the good trouble-making ahead for us.

The Sydney Uni Womens Collective remains committed to radical feminist education and organising whether that be learning how to respond to crises in our communities without police and prisons, global feminist histories, or anti-capitalist futures. Our deepest gratitude to the editors, writers and artists who pulled this edition together over the summer:

Alex Mcleay, Anh Nguyen, Anonymous, Anya Doan, Brianna Bullivant, Donnalyn Xu, Ellie Wilson, Ellie Zheng, Emma Cao, Georgia Mantle, Honey Christensen, Iggy Boyd, Jazzlyn Breen, Kate Scott, Keira Fairley, Kowther Qashou, Lia Perkins, Mali Hermans, Misbah Ansari, Priya Gupta, Ranuka Tandan, Shani Patel, Vivienne Guo.

Printed copies will be available at the SRC Welcome Week Stall

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