Charlotte Ainsworth, Alexis Bundy, Nancy Qiao, Jiawen Li

Charlotte Ainsworth, Alexis Bundy, Nancy Qiao, Jiawen Li

Residential College Officers

The University of Sydney is home to nearly 2,000 students in several Residential Colleges. The Residential College Officers want to ensure that they continue to provide a rich and supportive community for students on campus. We are also committed to improving the discourse between the university and colleges as well as continuing to promote the findings and the implementation of Broderick Report recommendations.

The College Officers are elected by the university student body to ensure that this community is adequately represented, supported, and improved through cooperating with the SRC and wider university. This means that as Residential College Officers we are elected to represent the interests of all college students on campus which includes those at St Andrew’s, St John’s, Wesley, Women’s, Sancta Sophia, St Paul’s, International House and Mandelbaum House. One of our primary aims is to facilitate the bridging of the relationship between the University and Colleges which has deteriorated in the SRC over the last year. We plan to involve the leadership teams of the Residential Colleges in this mission, as to prevent meaningless organisations being established, as has occurred over the last year.

Some of our other goals include:

  • Ensuring the Residential College portfolio represents all college students (including minority and LGBTQIA+ voices) rather than just a small sub-section of the college population.
  • Ensuring that a meaningful discourse between the university and colleges is established which includes the inclusion and respect of all college voices.
  • Continuing to work towards ending sexual assault on campus, including at residential colleges.
  • Promote the intercollegiate performing arts system including greater interaction with university facilities.
  • Promoting the implementation of the Broderick Review Recommendations.
  • Ensuring that college students feel safe, included and able to participate in university life.
  • Continuing to call out and abolish negative stereotypes both with regard to and within residential colleges.
  • Implementing a discussion forum as a form of leadership training at selected Residential Colleges.

In this role, we intend to work with the Students’ Representative Council and the Intercollegiate community to achieve these goals, with the aim of continuing to promote meaningful discourse between the university and residential colleges.

Please feel free to email us at any time with any questions, queries or concerns.

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