Ashrika Paruthi, Alice (BoAo) Guo, Jenna (Xujie) Wu, Cony (MeiLin) Jin

Ashrika Paruthi, Alice (BoAo) Guo, Jenna (Xujie) Wu, Cony (MeiLin) Jin

International Student Officers

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The international student community is one integral part of our University. With more than 10,000 international students enrolled in the undergraduate section, we make up about 29% of the entire undergraduate population. We have students coming from over 150 different cultural backgrounds enrolled in every faculty. As students from a cultural background different from the locals, you might encounter many difficulties in the process of adapting to the Australian lifestyle, such as language barriers when communicating and culture shocks. You may even feel you are being unfairly treated as foreigners and deserve more rights than you have now.

The International Student Collective is an organization under the University of Sydney Student Representative Council (SRC) designated to provide all international students with support and advocacy. No matter where you are from and what language you speak, studying here brings us together in solidarity. We advocate for student welfare and aim to resolve student issues in the University and the wider community.

This year, the International Student Collective faces a harsh start with many Chinese international students unable to return to Sydney due to the travel ban. The Collective has been fighting tirelessly for the benefit of all Chinese international students, answering student queries, resisting the travel ban policies, and fighting for the right of international students.

This year, we will also focus on exerting pressure onto the government and the University to fight for international student travel concession. We as international students pay four times the fee of domestic students and yet, our rights are under constant exploit. At this time of activism, international students must come together to voice out the unfair treatment.

Finally, please strengthen our Collective by joining us! We will send newsletters about student movements and any upcoming events. If you have any questions, whether academic or personal, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the SRC! We will assist you with our best endeavour.

Although the SRC can help international students with many issues, there are still many problems to be solved, the urgent one being no fair fare: In NSW, international students do not enjoy travel concession like other full-time university students. The SRC has been working hard on the issue and will continue to do so.

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