Alana Ramshaw

SRC General Secretary

Grace Lagan

SRC General Secretary
The General Secretaries work with the President of the SRC to coordinate the day to day functioning of the SRC. This involves sitting on the SRC’s Executive, acting as a member of the Board of the SRC’s Legal Service and liaising with the SRC’s office bearers, councillors and editors of Honi Soit. The General Secretaries also put together the SRC’s annual budget and its submission to the University of Sydney for its allocation of funding collected from students through the Student Services and Amenities Fee. The General Secretaries also edit the annual Orientation Handbook and organise the SRC’s Welcome-Week presence as well as other outreach events.
The duties of the General Secretary include:
  • Promoting the SRC and its services for undergraduate students
  • Serving as a Director of the SRC Legal Service
  • Keeping the books of the finances and property of the SRC and supervise the receipt and payment of all money paid to and by the Council, including working with the auditors on a Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Expenditure
  • Ensuring the implementation of motions adopted at Executive or Council
  • Being a co-signatory (with the President) to any contract, deed or other document which is to be signed on behalf of the Council
  • Assisting the President, Vice President and Officers in their duties

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