Student Housing Report – Week 7, Sem 1, 2018

Brandon Hale, Grace Mieko Wang, Jacky He, and Shanshan Guo

The SRC Student Housing Department will be hosting a few key events at the end of this semester and at the beginning of next semester, all focused on helping students to seek affordable housing and networking with future roommates. We are currently in the process of applying a budget for the following activities listed and hopefully we will receive enough funding to carry out these events for our students.

30th of May 2018 – Student Housing Social Networking Night

Purpose: Helping students to network with and find future roommates and receive updates about the progress made by the student housing department in the first semester. This is a social event aims at forming a self-supporting network between students.

Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Estimated Number of Attendee: 100 people
Venue: Hermann’s / Manning Bar
*Beverages will be provided for the networking night

Beginning of 2nd Semester – Student Housing Seminar

Topic: Regional Safety and Choosing the Optimum Student Housing

Brief: There are currently many students trying to seek for affordable and safe student housings. Yet many individuals or organisations are trying to taking advantage of these urgent student needs to make a profitable business. Single bedroom rentals in some parts of Sydney have even gone up to as high as 800 dollars a week – a ridiculous amount for any student who are trying to support themselves. Therefore, we want to provide students with the best advices on what to watch out for when choosing their optimum housing, so that they feel supported by the university.

Time: 5:00pm – 7:00pm (Date yet to be determined)
Estimated Number of Attendee: 100 people
Speakers: To be determined
Venue: Lecture Theatre / Large Seminar Room at Eastern Avenue or Law Building
*Catering will be available for attendees outside the venue after seminar