SRC Women’s Officers – Week 4, Sem 1, 2019

Gabi Stricker-Phelps and Crystal Xu

International Women’s Day:
We volunteered with a group of USYD Women to the UN IWD workshop and breakfast #MorePowerfulTogether. Read more, donate or volunteer for UN Women via:

In the afternoon we organised the screening of Period. End of Sentence. Cady Brown reflected, “The climax of the film- where the woman suggests the name of the sanitary product company will be “fly”- moved me significantly- as the movement is exactly what they wanted women to do- is to fly.”

Sanitary Item Project:
We have free sanitary products in the SRC office under the Wentworth Building for any student at USYD.

We met with Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence and Sophia Zeritis. It was a highly constructive meeting where we discussed our major project ideas, sexual assault and harassment policy and the ways in which the university can work with the SRC to deliver the best outcomes for USYD students.

We attended the Safer Communities Advisory Group Meeting. If you would like to attend (or have people attend) the Bystander Training Program which teaches about what to do when you witness assault or harassment and to safely intervene or Responding with Compassion, we can arrange this.

We met with the University Health Officer and The Breakfast Club where we discussed organising a Women’s Health Week in September. If you have ideas on health services that you would like advertised or provided during the week or about health projects on campus more broadly contact us.

Upcoming events include:
Vege-Table Mondays- Addison Road Community Centre Marrickville from 18th March
Shared Table Project for local homeless women: 28th March
#Feminist Conversation between Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers 29th March.

Female Journalism:
We met together with the following girls who responded to our call out including: Kate Scott, Holly McDonald, Amy Mifsud, Caroline Song, Angel Opie, Charlotte Plashik, Sonia Gao, Olivia-James Mckeown, Connie Zhang, Sarah Sekandar and Hannah Kingsmill. If you want to contribute towards an online publication aimed at promoting women’s issues and opinions contact us.