Eamonn Murphy, Jason Zhang, Yasmine Johnson and Grace Wallman – Welfare Officers, 94th SRC

Week 7, Semester 2, 2022

Welfare Action Group (WAG) meetings are running in Semester 2! We’d love to see any students there and are always open to new members. To stay updated, like our Facebook page, join our Facebook group, or ask one of the friendly Welfare Officers to add you to our group chat!

The Welfare OBs continue to support Foodhub – Welfare has allocated a portion of our budget to Foodhub, and have also been volunteering and using WAG to encourage more volunteering participation, towards the aim of forming an ongoing contingent of WAG members to volunteer at Foodhub. The difference the initiative makes to students facing food insecurity is extremely valuable (demonstrated by the fact that over 1000 students have accessed Foodhub so far), especially in a time of rising cost of living and high inflation rates.

The Welfare Officers also continue to work towards the development of the new Disabilities Room and stand in solidarity with Disabilities Officers across the Uni, as well as DisCo. The process of creating the room is certainly an ongoing effort and disabled advocates (especially the SRC and SUPRA Disabilities Officers) have put in a lot of work in ensuring the room is put together appropriately and with enough consideration of accessibility. Disability justice is absolutely central to welfare justice – both on the level of campus and the broader community. Part of the work the Welfare Officers are committed to in the upcoming month is fighting alongside the SRC Disabilities Officers and other key SRC members towards the goal of introducing a stipend for the SRC Disabilities Officer position, which has been called for in a recent Honi article as well as many disabled student representatives at the University.

WAG is gearing up to begin an initiative fighting for an improvement to The University’s Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS) which we encourage everyone to look out for and support as a key issue in relation to student welfare. In conclusion, please look out for and attend upcoming WAG meetings!

Week 3, Semester 2, 2022

Welfare Action Group (WAG) meetings have recommenced for Semester 2. Our meetings run fortnightly and the next one will be in week 4. To stay updated on meeting times and other initiatives, you can join the WAG Facebook group or like our page. We would love to see you there!

Over the break, the Welfare OBs have planned several initiatives for the upcoming semester to look out for, particularly focusing on access to quality student housing and public housing, as well as fighting to increase the 6-session yearly limit on CAPS (campus mental health services). We have chosen these initiatives to focus on particularly because of recent developments such as the escalating cost of living crisis and Honi’s reporting on the University selling off student housing in Forest Lodge.

In Semester 2, we will also continue our collaboration with other organisations fighting for student and community welfare. Specifically, we will continue to support DisCo in their development of the Disabilities room, as well as organisations external to the University such as Hands off Glebe. Finally, the Welfare OBs have been working extensively in collaboration with Foodhub, and encourage all students and WAG members to volunteer for the program as it makes such a big difference to students facing financial difficulty or food insecurity.

Week 7, Semester 1, 2022

In the past few weeks, the Welfare Action Group has been struck down by illness; however, we’re now ready to roll. At our first meeting of the semester, we discussed upcoming campaigns that the WAG will get involved in. We demand that every unit of study allow for COVID-related absences, without the need for students to apply for special consideration: at the moment, contracting the virus is by no means a “special” circumstance. Further, we want a review of the University’s “Discontinue Fail” system, which subjects disabled students to unfairly tedious processes and impersonal treatment. We are also planning to work with the Refugee Rights Officer to increase refugee activism on campus, and we will be involved in upcoming actions for the rights of Tamil refugees.

The WAG will be at the National Day of Action next Tuesday, and we hope that you can join us. Please also come along to our fortnightly meetings at 3pm on Tuesdays, the next one being Tuesday 12 April.

Week 5, Semester 1, 2022

As the semester has rolled along, the Welfare Officers have begun to get involved in a year of activism. We joined the Mardi Gras rally on March 5 to protest religious discrimination, and we have supported the action at the United States Studies Centre to fight against Australian expansion of defence. We also stand in solidarity with those impacted by the recent flooding events across New South Wales, and we denounce the inadequate government response to those whose lives have been impacted: the WAG’s actions in the near future will be centred around this.

As reflected by our comments in Honi, we also stand with transport workers and unions in light of the NSW government’s anti-union rhetoric, failure to negotiate in good faith and its decision to unnecessarily shut down the train network. Worker’s rights are human rights, and we will continue to stand with Unions and prioritise workers in our activism. Welfare Action Group meetings will be resuming soon, please see our Facebook page and group for updates.

Week 2, Semester 1, 2022

Hello! We’re Eamonn, Grace, Jason and Yasmine, the SRC’s Welfare Officers for 2022.

We had a great start to the year with Welcome Week, and heard from students about the welfare initiatives that we should push for. Importantly, international student welfare must be improved. As our campus reopens, we want to make sure that all students are treated fairly, and we will engage with other collectives to ensure this.

An overhaul of the University’s mental health services is also essential. Stay tuned for upcoming campaigns that ensure a proper consideration of student wellbeing. The Welfare Action Group encourages all students to get involved in activism.

In the near future, we will be at a Discussion on Student Poverty on March 2, and the Mardi Gras Rally on March 5 — please come along. If you didn’t get the chance to sign up to the group at Welcome Week, join our Facebook group: we also have our first meeting and drinks at Hermann’s Bar on Tuesday March 1, at 3pm.

To end this report, we would like to make an statement:

The Welfare Officers are aware of racial slurs and attacks made toward Chinese international students in a MATH1021. This is a breach of the Code of Conduct for Students and it is not acceptable. The Welfare Officers have filed a complaint, are actively involved with the President in following up this incident and are co-operating with other department officers and executives.

Lia Perkins, Katherine (Haimingyue) Xu, Shreyaa Sundararaghavan and Owen Marsden-Readford – Welfare Officers, 93rd SRC

Week 12, Semester 2, 2021

This year has been an important year to fight for the rights of students, the unemployed and everyone else discriminated against in the welfare system. With the revival of the USyd Welfare Action Group I’d like to congratulate Grace and Eamonn on their election as convenors and Welfare OBs.

Education activism

The Education Action Group held a student general meeting on Wednesday 27th Oct. I (Lia) have been involved in building the SGM and co-chaired the meeting. Over 270 people zoomed in and passed the motion. Students made it clear we are entirely opposed to any cuts, mergers or restructures in FASS, business and dentistry. Get involved with the EAG and ‘No USyd Cuts’ campaign. Gender and Cultural studies students also held an excellent action which I attended.

Actions and statements

We wrote a statement in support of the CWAM and in opposition to management’s decision to punish students during the lockdown. It’s great to have in person protests again and the Justice for JC rally on Thursday was an important rally for the family of a First Nations woman who died in custody.


Hands off Glebe held their first event in a few months, an online rally, which we will continue to support. I spoke at the Rad Ed series panel on housing, alongside housing activists, and you can watch the recording on the SRC youtube page.

Community Action for Rainbow Rights (CARR) Activism

CARR has organised a protest against the new NSW premier and arch-bigot Dominic Perrottet. It will be 12pm, Sunday 31st at Town Hall. He is a hard conservative, Trump supporter, who has opposed marriage equality, abortion rights and campaigned against student unions.

When Perrottet was NSW treasurer, his worker’s compensation scheme iCare: had underpaid injured workers by up to $80 million, had awarded millions of dollars of unregistered contracts to friends and ex-colleagues of executives, and was on the verge of financial collapse. It’s important to continue to build opposition to this reactionary warrior for the ruling class so encourage people to come along and look out for future protests!

Week 3, Semester 2, 2021

Lia: Hello, over the last few months the welfare action group has been very busy. At the start of the lockdown the government’s economic support did not cover students on youth allowance, as well as neglecting many other students.

We ran a photo campaign for “$750 for everyone” and an open letter with over 100 signatories, including many organisations. The focus of the demands extended included increased economic support, raising Jobseeker to at least $80 a day and free early childhood for all. It’s important that the expansion of welfare support during the lockdown is extended to all in need, and continues after the immediate crisis.

Three members of the group wrote a statement of demands about the need for more safe and affordable housing. These demands are: 1) an increase to the University’s general bursary for struggling students, 2) a rent reduction for students living in University accommodation, 3) the advertisement of the moratorium on evictions for University accommodation, 4) the University must offer crisis accommodation for those in need.

The Welfare Action Group is hosting a discussion with Living Incomes for Everyone (LIFE) on 7 September. This will be an opportunity for students to understand the impact of insecure livelihoods on students and how we can collectivise and fight back for a better social security system. Follow the page and join our group to get involved. We have meetings fortnightly on Wednesday at 3pm (USyd Welfare Action Group on Facebook).

I have also been involved in organising events for Radical Education Week – particularly the discussions and panels on the IPCC report, unionism and strikes and the political economy department. Check out the page @radedweek on Facebook.

Owen: I have been involved in organising the Lockdown to Zero, Health Before Profits campaign which is demanding there be a hard lockdown, with all non-essential businesses shut and a massive expansion of welfare so workers can stay home. We need to fight against the Berejiklian government’s plan to open up despite the cost to the health and lives of ordinary people.

I also helped to organise the Community Action for Rainbow Rights zoom rally against the bigoted ‘Religious Freedom Bills’. We had over 150 people join us from around the country to hear from a wonderful line up of speakers and continue to organise against the Right even if we can’t hit the streets at the moment.

Week 9, Semester 1, 2021

Hello everybody! This is our last report for 3.5 months :(( so make sure you’ve liked the ‘USyd Welfare Action Group’ Facebook page to hear about what’s happening!

May Day

On May Day we supported the CFMEU’s green ban on the development of Willow Grove Parramatta. The student contingent brought the demands of Green Jobs, Climate Justice and Indigenous Sovereignty.

Housing campaigns

On 12 May we will bring a student contingent to the ‘Defend Public Housing’ rally at Martin Place. Our demands are: don’t sell off any public housing in NSW, return JobSeeker and other welfare payments to the original rate, and affordable housing for all students. Join our working bee on 5 May. We have formulated a list of demands for our student housing campaign and are in the process of contacting other groups who may want to be part of it or contribute demands.

Street kitchen

About 10 members of the Welfare Action Group attended and cooked for the CUDL street kitchen on April 25 and it was a success.

Education activism

Welfare officers attended the NO TO 12 WEEK SEMESTERS forum and rally. It’s important for students to understand that the 12 week semester proposal is a symptom of the corporatisation of the university, stretching us for profit and cutting staff pay. For these reasons we strongly oppose the proposal.

Other activism

We attended both CARR’s and QUAC’s protest and speakout against transphobic bills in state and federal parliament. These bills are political attacks from the right, attempting to devastate young people’s ability to speak about and develop their identity, with harmful consequences. We attended the Enviro collective’s Student General Meeting (SGM) to build to the May 21 climate strike. Look out for GMAR and WoCo’s ‘Sorry Day’ rally on May 26 – stolen generations continue despite the hollow gestures of the Labor party. I helped to organise the Students for Palestine forum on the Nakba and Palestinian resistence to occupation. The forum is building for the Palestine Action Group Nakba Day rally on May 15th. Another important upcoming rally is the Tamil Genocide Day rally on May 16th which I have been helping to build on campus. It is the first time this protest is happening in Sydney so I encourage everyone to attend.

Week 7, Semester 1, 2021

May Day

The Welfare Action Group, along with student activists from USyd, UNSW and UTS will be bringing a large student contingent to the May Day action to Defend the Willow Grove Green Ban. This is an important action because of the industrial importance of Green Bans and the support from the local community against the Berejiklian Government. We hope to see more similar actions, especially relating to the appalling Gas Led Recovery by the Morrison Government. We encourage everyone to join our contingent!


At our last Welfare Action Group meeting we resolved that we would focus on student housing in the upcoming semester. We are appalled by recent reports about overcrowding and hot bedding in student accommodation. Our group is looking to put together a report and hold a speak-out about the affordability, inaccessibility and conditions of student housing for domestic and international students. Come along to Welfare meetings to be part of it.


I (Lia) have been organising with the Sydney branch of the Australian Unemployed Workers Unions (AUWU) on anti-poverty campaigns and around women’s economic justice.

Street kitchens

We will attend the street kitchen at Martin Place again on 25 April. Please join the Facebook group for more details, anyone is welcome to assist!

Other activism

We attended the Black Lives Matter 30 years since the Royal Commission into deaths in custody protest on April 10. There continues to be no justice for Aboriginal people dying in custody as new government reports are constantly rolled out. A speak out was also held on the exact anniversary of the report where grassroots Indigenous activists from FISTT and Gamilaraay Next Generation spoke about the urgent need for people to listen and change to happen.

I have also been involved in an Education Action Group working group making a zine about striking and the ways forward in the current campaign, organising building events and promoting the “STAFF AND STUDENT FORUM: NO TO 12-WEEK SEMESTERS” next week.

I (Owen) have also helped to build for and attend the Black Lives Matter, Stop deaths in custody rally on April 10th. Sydney was one of the biggest demonstrations for the national day of action and a testament to the organisers. I have also been involved in helped to build for the Community Actions for Rainbow Rights rally on April 17th. Mark Latham’s anti trans ‘parental freedoms bill’ has been gaining steam in the Liberal party so it is important to demonstrate and build opposition to his reactionary attacks on trans youth. I am also a part of organising a Students for Palestine (SFP) meeting on Thursday April 22nd to help build for the Palestine Action Group Nakba Day rally coming up on May 15th. If you’re a supporter of Palestine make sure to come along to both the SFP meeting and the rally on the 15th.

Week 5, Semester 1, 2021

The Welfare Action Group has been continuing to hold meetings and actions. We had our speakout in week 2 which went very well, a huge thanks to all of the other office bearers and students who spoke about a range of issues, some being: #80aday, education cuts, sexual harassment and disability justice. If any students would like to join the group and attend meetings email or message us!

Public housing forum and campaign

On Wednesday 17 March we held a forum about public housing and student housing in NSW. We had a speaker from Hands off Glebe, Friends of Erskineville, Shelter NSW and a USyd international student. The audience and myself came away with a strengthened understanding of the campaign, and lots of important things to do to mobilise with residents and unions.

Street kitchen

We are helping out with the Community Defence League (CUDL) street kitchen at Martin Place on Sunday 28 March. We will be cooking a huge meal and bringing a load of volunteers to assist where we can. If you’ve missed out and would like to come next time join the Welfare Action Group Facebook page.

Cross-collective events and April 10 BLM rally

Along with many of the other collectives we are organising educational events to build for the April 10 Stop Black Deaths In Custody rally (at Town Hall). These include a reading group, forum and film screening. It’s been over 30 years since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody and nothing has changed.

Other activism

I (Lia) will continue to attend rallys organised by the women’s collective about ending sexual violence at school, in parliament and everywhere in society, demanding justice for survivors. leafleted, postered for, and spoke at the Education Action Group rally on 24 March demanding NO CUTS, NO FEES. Owen was involved in the organisation of the Students for Palestine – Palestinian Lives Matter Rally. I (Owen) am also beginning to build for the Community Action for Rainbow Rights protest against Mark Latham anti-trans ‘Parental Freedoms’ Bill. This appalling attack has now gained support from Liberal MP’s so it’s even more important to come protest on April 17 against Mark Latham and anti-trans bigotry.

Student housing

Another focus for this year is student housing. Students should have access to safe, subsidised and affordable student housing. We are going to organise a contingent to the public housing rally on May 12 among other actions!

Week 2, Semester 1, 2021

Hello! Welcome week is over and I have much to tell you about! This year we have revived the Welfare Action Group, an old collective of the SRC, to organise around the appalling state of welfare and housing for young people. If you want to get involved look up the Facebook group!

Welfare speak-out

On Wednesday 10 March we will be holding a speak-out outside Fisher. The focus is on recent appalling changes that return JobSeeker to an unlivable rate and student and public housing. It’s an open mic so feel free to speak about any welfare related issue, or just listen to others. When workers and unemployed people are under attack, so are students.

Support residents of public housing

I’ve been in contact with community organisers who are trying to protect public housing in Glebe and South Everleigh that the NSW Government
is going to scrap. The Welfare Action
Group has organised a forum on
Wednesday 17 March at the Flodge
with some great speakers to discuss the relationship between changes to public housing
and student housing happening around the university. We stand in solidarity
with the residents and believe that
nobody should be evicted from their homes and that new developments
should be built to house everybody on
the waiting list.

Mutual aid/street kitchens

Later in March we are going to assist street kitchens and mutual aid projects throughout Sydney that are easing the burden of the reduced welfare rate.

Future plans

Over the upcoming weeks we will seek to hold more learning and educational events such as reading groups or film screenings, in collaboration with other collectives. We are closely following and discussing new student housing developments and the consequences of the end of the eviction moratorium.