SRC Vice President’s Report – Week 1, Sem 2, 2019

Vice President
Dane Luo and Caitlyn Chu
The SRC had a fantastic start to the year at Welcome Week! We handed out 2000 bags and spoke to thousands of students about what we do, student rights on campus and how our incredible services can help you. This week we will be giving out thousands of wall planners, showing our introductory video, and talking to more students on all of our campuses, including, Darlington/Camperdown, the Conservatorium, Camden, Mallett Street, Cumberland, Sydney College of the Arts, Westmead, and Singapore.

We know that going to University doesn’t come cheap! We know that there are so many additional costs like textbooks, Opal travel, food, rent and much more. BUT did you know that many undergraduate students in our University are eligible for Centrelink assistance but haven’t applied?

Centrelink offers several payments for University students. There is a lengthy process to apply and submit documentation, particularly if it’s your first time contacting them, but our amazing CASEWORKERS can help. Call our office (9660 5222) to make an appointment to speak to someone who can help!
The most common payment received by undergraduate students is the YOUTH ALLOWANCE. This is a fortnightly payment (up to $499.90 depending on your circumstances) to full time students who are between 18 and 24 years old and are Australian residents. Your fortnightly payment varies based on whether you are single/couple, whether you live at your parents’ home, whether you have/care for children and, you and your parents’ income and assets. Be aware that your payment may decrease if you receive an income from work and you will need to make fortnightly declarations about your wages and salaries. The SRC has a leaflet that explains how this all works at You can apply and find more information at

If you need any help with any of these payments you can email and a caseworker will be happy to give you advice. Or if you would like get involved in SRC events or campaigns, feel free to email us at

We hope to see you around campus!

Dane and Caitlyn