Roisin Murphy and Maria Ge, Vice Presidents 93rd SRC

Week 1, Semester 1, 2021

Roisin Murphy

Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Roisin – one of the Vice Presidents for 2021.
It’s undoubtedly a very weird time to be a student – between COVID-19, the course cuts and the fee hikes, it might feel like you’re getting none of the university experience you signed up for.

Rest assured, there’s still a lot to be gained. There are lots of ways to engage in campus culture and kick start some activism. Getting involved in the fight against the course cuts is one of those, so make sure you’re at the rally on March 24.

Sometimes going to Sydney Uni can feel like you’re expected to live up to a million things. The best way to combat that is to not worry about what you’re not doing, and focus instead on what you are. My advice is to find a few solid mates, figure out your favourite spot to grab a beer/non alcoholic bev on campus (I’d say a beer tower at Hermann’s, but that comes from a place of bias), do subjects you enjoy, and get involved with an SRC collective that fights for issues you’re passionate about. There is nothing more fulfilling than making a difference alongside like-minded people.

If you’re fresh faced or old and crusty, I sincerely hope to meet you at some point during what will no doubt be quite the year for activism.

In Solidarity,

Maria Ge

Hi this is Maria Ge, I am the Vice President of SRC for this year. It is my fourth semester to get involved in SRC related activities. This summer break, I am working on getting familiar with my new position and working with my new colleagues. We have already done many preparation works so far and we are making a general plan for the coming new semester. We have also arranged a fixed time for both of us to meet and work together every week in the next year in order to achieve our plan. Here is what I (Maria) am doing during this summer break.

[Advertising Caseworkers]

-SRC official website: Raised the issue that SRC website should do more advertising of caseworkers on executive meeting and got the change happen. I will continue to pay attention to this, collect students’ feedback and improve the way it serve students.

-Working with caseworkers to to do some multi-language versions of the leaflets, articles and social media posts, and some multi-language versions of some videos as well.

[Remote learning support]

-Discussed VPN issue in Meeting with Uni on Remote Learning, working with Grace and Haomin to make a survey. Now we have got more than 200 replies and done the report. We are going to submit it to the Uni in Academic Board Committee as soon as possible.

-Working on testing the feasibility to make a voting page integrated to SRC official website in order to help handling academic appealing.

Raised the issue that it is important to make videos for remote learning students to learn how to make full use of university’s resources like canvas, library, CareerHub and so on.

[Mental Health Training]

-Get help from Student Service Liaison Officer to prepare for a training for officers.

[Volunteer project]

-Working with President on creating a volunteer page on SRC website, so that the students can register and get newest events informations from it.

Also I am working with another Vice President. Our focus is on building different volunteer groups among different social media platforms.

[Liaise with International Student Officer] for organising O-week activities and working on financial aid for remote learning students.

[Other Day to day operation]

-Cleaned the OB room

-Completed the Publications Training and Media Law training.

-Worked with General Secretary related to O-Week

-Take part in all 6 executive meetings and one council meeting during the holiday.

-Had a meeting with Julia to make our plan achievable for the next year.


-Meeting with Uni on Remote Learning

Raising the issue that for first year international students, it is important to teach them how to use university’s resources, such as canvas, library, CareerHub.

-Student Life Committee

Now we have more videos for first year students even the mandarin version for international students.