SRC Student Housing Report – Week 2, Sem 1 2018

Brandon Hale, Jacky He, Shanshan Guo and Mieko Wang

Welcome students of 2018! This year’s student housing team aims to have a productive year to make student housing affordable and accessible for all students. We aim to achieve this goal through a wide range of events for students to learn about their housing options and interact with other students who are in or are looking for student housing, to foster a sense of community in the on-campus community. With a far more extensive budget to be created to fund such events, we promise that student money is put to good use in the benefit of students who can feel more welcome living on campus.
Being a diverse team of four housing officers with two of us being international students, we understand the importance of having a welcoming university experience. We also understand the financial difficulties of being able to live in student housing and because of this we believe the university administration needs to make student housing more affordable. We will fight for the student housing to be more affordable and we encourage students, even those not living in student housing to join us in this fight.

As a team that believes very strongly in getting things done we have a created a list of events and initiatives. Without further ado here below is our plans for this year:

Event Schedule:

28th of March 5 pm
Seminar on how to find affordable student housing
Speakers: NSW Police Force, Housing expert with over 15 years’ experience
Venue: To be announced

23rd or the 30th of May 6 pm
Student Housing Social Drinks
Venue: Hermann’s bar

Petition Signing – Held at Various Times throughout the Year

Main Times: 12th/26th March Union Day, 21st March National Day of Action, July/August O-Week, and various other major times during the year