Henri Collyer, Ricky Rangra, Shiyun Cheng, and Silei Wen, Student Housing Officers – 94th SRC

Week 3, Semester 1, 2022

Hello everyone and welcome to 2022. This year is going to be a huge year for the Student Housing team and we plan to create greater support for all students both looking and dealing with housing issues.

With the federal election coming up one of the most important goals of our collective is to remove the failing Liberal government that has done nothing to solve our housing crisis as more and more young people struggle to make rent or even find housing. However both Labor and the Greens housing plans are inadequate to deal with this current crisis.We wish to continue to support and campaign for student housing cooperatives such as STUCCO in order to provide affordable and comfortable places for students to live in.

Finally we hope to provide further services in regards to helping students currently in difficult situations by providing more information about our current legal services. Many we have spoken to throughout the university do not know about these services in regards to solving disputes between landlords and thus we feel it is important to encourage. These can be found on the “SRC Legal Service” section of the USYD’s SRC website and includes things such as Tenancy Law factsheets, Share Housing Agreement templates and phone numbers for communicating with our very own legal service.

If you have any further ideas or queries about what we are working on, please contact student.housing@src.usyd.edu.au.

Felix Faber, Casie Zhao, Hanxiong Qiu and Haomin Lyu, Student Housing Officers – 93rd SRC

Week 3, Semester 1, 2021

It’s week three. Things are starting to get boring. So are the reports.

During O-week, we were actively involved in the relevant work. We not only helped give out the popular calendars and free bags but also introduced how SRC operates, as well as some tips on studies – especially how to get professional service from SRC when coming across problems as senior students. Fortunately, quite a lot of students got interested in SRC after the conversation and were willing to work as volunteers if required. We generated plenty of students that scanned the QR code to join our social media groups and receive our posts. This is really a great start and we believe we made our effort to make the students more interested and familiar with SRC.

Last week, we held a group meeting to discuss how to help students get the best quality and cheapest housing under the COVID-19 situation. We have planned several activities in the first half of the semester and formulated corresponding programs to enrich students; extracurricular activities while ensuring social distance to the greatest extent. During week 2, the collective officers also met up with the USYD SRC residential college officers to discuss our plans for students in 2021.

Now that COVID vaccines have been developed, vaccination of students will help the government prevent epidemics more effectively, especially in the densely populated students’ accommodation and residential college. We are now working with the Residential College Officer to connect with the school and relevant department to discuss whether different departments have corresponding policies on student vaccinations. In the near future, we will summarize the vaccination policies among different accommodations, and try to make different accommodations have the same vaccination policies to avoid confusion among students. In addition, we will work with the International Student Officer to try to release information and guide about vaccination in different languages. Give the greatest convenience to students who are interested in relevant information.