Simon Upitis, Martin O’Flynn and Yang Tu, Social Justice Officers – 94th SRC

Week 8, Semester 2, 2022

With under a month until the next NTEU strike on 13th-14th of October (Thursday-Friday week 10) it’s as important as ever to remain principled in how we, as students, conduct our actions regarding workers striking.

Management hasn’t budged on any of the union’s core demands around pay, workloads or casuals’ rights. Only an escalating campaign of more strike action has any chance of winning, so we, as students, need to ratchet up our efforts to build solidarity with striking staff. So, in the lead up to the strike, be sure to chat to your friends/peers and ensure they’re aware and on board.

Please reach out to your tutors and tell them that you support them in striking. Its in emailing and talking to staff showing support that they can determine themselves able to harness their union power without feeling that they’re doing it at the detriment of students’ education.

Also this month: we have begun building the counter protest to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on 1 October. CPAC is going to bring together some of the world’s worst far right freaks, including Tony Abbott, Catherine Deves and Nigel Farage, and we think they shouldn’t get to plan how to fuck over marginalised and oppressed people in peace. Join the counter protest here:

Deaglan Godwin, Himath Siriniwasa, Angelina Gu and Shuyu Li

Week 10, Semester 2, 2020

Semester 2 has been a terrific semester for activism and protests. I’ve been heavily involved with organising and building several protests against the fee hikes, job and course cuts and police repression. These defiant protests, which have often had to confront violence from the police and had to physically reclaim the right to march on roads (or even at all), have energised opposition against the cuts and against police repression. Combined with the Trans Rights protest called by Community Action For Rainbow Rights, we successfully forced the government to concede to exempting protests of up to 500 people from the COVID-19 Public Health Order.

This has allowed protests like the October 26 Black Lives Matter rally, which I attended, to go ahead legally. We must now seize the moment and continue our opposition against education attacks and to begin to fight around questions of social justice. I urge everyone to attend the Picket of the University Senate this Friday, November 6, as well as to come to the second protest against Mark Latham’s Transphobic Bill, which will take place on November 28.