Irene Fang, Alexis Bundy, Rachel Jia and Victor Ruifeng Liang

Welcome Week, Semester 1, 2021

Hey everyone! We’re Rachel, Alexis, Victor, and Irene, and we’re really happy to be your Residential Colleges Officers for this year. If you have any suggestions, grievances, or ideas; please feel free to contact us at:

Past Initiatives: In relations to past Residential Colleges Officers’ initiatives; we can report on the Radical Discussion Forum in St Andrews College and its continued management by Kiran Gupta. This initiative will be overseen by Kiran for the foreseeable future; and we would like to thank him for his continued commitment. However, for the Intercollegiate Collective established by the 2019 Residential College Officers; we are rather puzzled that there has been a complete lack of public information on its operations, and even its existence — we cannot ascertain whether it still functions at the moment even after weeks of searching, and we would like anyone with relevant information to please come forward.

Current Initiatives: With the lack of a formal mechanism for feedback to be provided to the SRC from Residential Colleges students; we will begin to conduct college student surveys on a biannual basis in 2021 – to truly have the voices of college students seen and heard. Additionally, we would also continue to attempt to raise awareness of SRC services and activities to college students; whether that be through online noticeboards, or (pending discussion and approval) the placement of posters and handing out informational brochures overall.

Potential Future (In Discussion) Initiatives:For the future, many initiatives are still up for discussion regarding their feasibility, effectiveness, and implementation — both within the SRC, but also between the SRC, Colleges, and Sydney University. These initiatives currently in discussion include potential expansions of the campus distribution of Honi Soit to Colleges and Student Housing; more activities and events subject to participation, enthusiasm, and COVID-safe guidelines overall; and other plans still in the formulation process as a collaboration between SRC Departments. If anyone would like to suggest an idea or a proposal, we would really encourage you to send it to our email, for us to discuss it with you too.