SRC President’s Report – Week 13, Sem 1, 2017

Isabella Brook

As semester one draws to a close I thought this week’s report would be the perfect opportunity to update you all on the work I’ve done in my first six months as president of your SRC.
I’ve spent a large part of the year so far working with our General Secretaries, Dan and Bella, on the SRC’s budget for 2017. This has included negotiating our SSAF allocation and deciding on the internal budget of the SRC. Whilst this process hasn’t been entirely sunshine and roses I’m glad that we are able to continue to support our office bearers in the great activism they do and also continue to provide important services for students on campus.

This semester the SRC has put a broad focus on the federal state of higher education and student welfare. We’ve seen the federal government announce cuts to higher education, an increase in student fees and countless other attacks on young people like the slashing of penalty rates. The SRC has stood in vocal opposition to these attacks and we have strongly supported the National Union of Student’s campaign against the war on students. I will be attending NUS’ education conference over the winter break to continue this work.\

We’ve also been working closely with the National Tertiary Education Union and supporting them in their current round of Enterprise Bargaining. The SRC stands in firm solidarity with staff at Usyd and their campaign for better and fairer working conditions.

Amongst all this I have continued to raise important student issues with the university. This includes things like the lack of academic advice, affordable student housing and the need for concession opal cards for international students. I’ve advocated for a compulsory consent module to be introduced university wide. And we’ve been doing work around the centralisation of Student Admin and Special Consideration (keep an eye out for our student Survey that will launch Semester two).

The SRC has lots in store for next semester and we will continue to fight for the rights of students at USYD. Good luck with your end of semester assessments and exams and enjoy your well deserved break !