SRC International Officers Report – Week 4, Sem 2, 2017

International Students Officers’ Report
Helena Ng Wai Ting, Yifan Kong, Wenxin Fang and Zhixian Wang

During the last semester, our collective has organized a revue watching after the election, helping international students to get more familiar with Aussie humor culture, and wanting to make international fellas from uni before semester 1 ended. Collective officers saw a great interest from our collective members in watching the revue, and successfully get 11 fellas signed up, from both Facebook page and WeChat personal messages. At the same time, our new event officer got in touch with JEWS and they kindly offered us a discount price. We gave out free tickets, also were planning to arrange a social dinner after the show. However, due to the miscommunication with both parties, the event had been cancelled one night before the show. Our officers and event officers showed our sincere apologies to all the students signed up for the inconvenience, and promised that we would organise better event in the second semester.

Our plans for semester 2:

1. The FairFare Campaign

New South Wales is the only state that does not offer travel concession to both under- and postgraduate international students. But we want you to have cheaper bus/train tickets. We will do this by organizing campaigns in cooperation with other student organizations.

2. International Student Council Meeting

The International Student Council (ISC) is the consultative body to University of Sydney Union. International students basically tell USU what they want through this platform. Last year USU launched a new WeChat Official Account (Hooray!) to better communicating with Chinese international students on campus out of demands of the Council.

3. International Students Honi Soit

Is there anything cooler than having articles published in Australian’s oldest student newspaper? YES! That’s having a whole edition contributed to international students’ stories.

4. International Students Revue

For now, we have Jew/Queer/ Wom*n/ ACAR revues produced by USU, and we are planning to have International students’ revue to showcase our identity proudly on stage.

Note: The international students’ officers were due to submit their report last week but have sent it in this week.