Grace Hu, Kristina Sergi, Matthew Carter and Alexander Polirier

Week 9, Semester 2, 2021

The Con has been quite a cynosure within the stupol scene in recent times, featuring prominently within the presidential debates.


In Semester 1, Matt Carter successfully motioned to the SRC to extend its FoodHub initiative to the Con, and on 20 April he drove to the Wentworth Building to pick up 30 boxes, bringing them to the Con, and with the assistance of the Conservatorium Students’ Association (CSA), have now distributed them to Con students. Because of the lockdown, Matt drove back to the Con to retrieve these boxes, to then post them from his house, with the cost of postage taken on by the CSA and SRC. This has meant that many Con students have been able to much more easily benefit from the initiative, without the need to travel all the way to Main Campus (something that takes in excess of 40 minutes on public transport).

Satellite Campuses

Given this is only the second Inter-Campus report since 2015, we’re thinking it might be appropriate to give an update on the changes to the Satellite Campuses since then:

Sydney Conservatorium of Music (SCM) has seen a significant growth in student numbers, but has largely remained the same.

Sydney College of the Arts (SCA) has now been moved from Lilyfield in Callan Park, to Main Campus within the Old Teacher’s College. It transitioned from being a seperate faculty into a department of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Camden Campus (veterinary science and agriculture) has remained largely the same.

Cumberland Campus (health) was closed at the start of this year, and, along with other health disciplines, have moved into the Susan Wakil Health Building. The Cumberland Student Guild was also dissolved.

Westmead Precinct has added a new Westmead Hospital Block K.

Week 4, Semester 1, 2021

Given the dire state of student access to university services, the unhelpfulness of university administration in general and the subsequent detriment to student welfare and experience, we note that this effect is amplified for students at satellite campuses. Further, we note that students based in certain faculties or departments can also be adversely impacted in how they receive university services because of how that faculty interacts with the broader university administratively or geographically.

So far this year, we have flyered Welcome Day at the Con to raise awareness about the SRC services such as SRC Casework and the SRC Legal service. This is important because while Conservatorium students have equal needs for such services, they are less likely to be aware of them due to the relatively limited SRC presence usually, given that most of Council, the Executive and SRC services are based at Camperdown.

Going forward, we are working to build relationships with the student representative societies and faculty leadership of USYD’s satellite campuses so that we can accurately represent the needs of these students to Council. Further, given that the last time the campuses were mapped was in 2015, we will be remapping this to reflect changes to date and creating an address book to allow better interconnectivity between satellite campus students, satellite campus student representative societies and the SRC. We look forward to the first meeting of the Intercampus Committee for this year, which we are currently planning for.