Casework Help: Assisting students with academic and welfare issues

SRC Caseworkers provide FREE, independent and confidential advice & support including: Academic rights & appeals, Special consideration & special arrangements, HECS & fee refunds, Academic misconduct & dishonesty allegations, Show cause & exclusion, Centrelink issues, Tenancy & accommodation, Harassment & discrimination, Financial issues and Tax Help (July–October).

COVID-19 UPDATE: The SRC is still operating its full casework services to students. While the SRC Office is closed to the public, we are providing appointments over the telephone, Zoom or Skype. Call 9660 5222 (International phone: +61 2 9660 5222) to book an appointment with a Caseworker. Alternatively, we can respond to your questions and concerns by email: Please attach any documents relevant to your issue.

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Mental Health: Getting Help with Stress and Anxiety

Lots of people experience stress and anxiety throughout their lives. When this affects your day-to-day activities, like being able to pass subjects at uni, being able to work, or have good relationships, it is a good idea to get some help. Counsellors (including psychologists) can help you to develop strategies to deal with the many different situations that you have in your life. They can be very expensive, but the SRC can recommend a few that will be cheap or free.