Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

OSHC Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) provides health cover for international students. It helps to pay for visits to the doctor, some hospital treatments, ambulance services and some prescriptions. It is a mandatory condition of your Visa, and needs to cover the whole period of your stay.


OSHC will ‘bulk bill’ (direct bill) your doctor at many clinics, which means the OSHC will directly pay the doctor for the appointment. Depending on the doctor, you may have to pay a ‘gap fee’ (extra money to the doctor, so ask in advance if they bulk bill. The University Health Services in the Wentworth Building (level 3) will bulk bill students with Allianz OSHC, however students with other OSHC accounts will need to pay the consultation fee (starts at $38.20), then claim the cost back from their insurance. They do not charge a ‘gap fee’.

Please be aware that legitimate doctors in Australia do not use booking services or agents, and do not charge a booking fee, or agent’s commission. If you are unsure about which doctor you should use, either use the University Health Services or check with your OSHC provider for a list of recommended doctors.


Hospital visits are covered by your OSHC. If you are a victim of a crime such as assault, access to hospital does not require any specific insurance and you will be seen by a doctor free of charge.


Ambulance cover is usually covered by your OSHC.


The University provides free counselling appointments through their Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS). These can be in person, or through Sykpe. Many OSHCs provide coverage for private psychologists visits too. You may need to pay the psychologist, then claim that amount back from your OSHC provider. Check with the clinic to see what the costs are and how much you will get back from your OSHC.

CAPS also provides a telephone (1300 474 065) and text service (0488 884 429) for students who do not want a face to face appointment. For students under 25 years old, there is also online counselling and support through eHeadspace.

Sexual Health Services

There are many free and confidential sexual health services in Australia, providing information for diverse sexualities and genders. They will give you accurate advice without any judgement, so it’s safe to ask them any questions.

Alcohol and Other Drugs

All students will have access to alcohol and other drugs during their time at Uni. This includes substances that are legal, but are consumed in ways other than originally intended, e.g., medication, CO2 bulbs, glue. Before using alcohol or other drugs consider the consequences – what are you taking, how will it affect you, who can you ask for help?

See touchbase.org.au/alcohol-and-drugs

In Australia, Ambulance Paramedics are not concerned about whether or not you have broken the law. They only care about your wellbeing. If you or a friend have taken a substance and are feeling unwell, please call an ambulance. You will not get into trouble from the Police.

Other Services

Each different OSHC provider has different packages that cover different services. Check your policy or call your provider to check what is included for you.

Information current as at May 2020.