The Learning Hub

A range of resources (online and in person) to develop academic communication, research and study skills. The Learning Hub can also provide techniques and advice on exams and assessments.

Business Students Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

Work in a small group reinforcing key concepts from lectures and tutorials.

FASS Students Writing Support

Help for FASS students for every stage of the writing process.

USU Language Exchange

This is a free program through the USU where you can trade language skills with a native English speaker who is interested in learning more about your language and culture. They also have a Facebook discussion group where you can practice your skills and make new friends.

The Write Site

An online set of modules to help with academic and professional writing.

The Uni’s Writing Resources

A collection of online resources from the Uni for improving English language and grammar skills.

USYD Department of Writing Studies

Learn to combine various research methods including rhetorical, discourse and textual analysis. Ask an academic advisor if these subjects can be included in your degree.

Tafe Courses
A variety of courses with different levels of qualification, on different aspects of English language and grammar. Check fees before enrolling.


Everyday English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary videos with an Australian English speaker

Centre for Continuing Education

A collection of courses covering a variety of English language skills. These courses will cost around $500 each.


Language courses online