Yang Tu, Julia Tran, Tengfei Pan, 94th SRC Global Solidarity Officers

Kigen Mera, Haoran Zhao, Alex Whitehead and Sophie Haslam, 94th SRC Global Solidarity Officers

Week 8, Semester 1, 2021
The Global Solidarity office has been busy recently due to the immense number of campaigns happening at the moment. Most recently, I helped mobilise and built for Community Action for Rainbow Rights protest against Mark Latham’s transphobic bill. This bill would make it illegal for teachers to respect their trans students pronouns and mention the existence of LGBT people in classrooms, amongst other right-wing measures. The protest mobilise a few hundred attendees and really demonstrated that ordinary people are willing to stand in solidarity with the oppressed and fight back. The far-right are trying to use transphobia to bolster their forces so we need to be equally prepared. Make sure to come along to the next protest on June 5th!

In addition, I’ve been heavily involved with Students for Palestine on campus. I’ll be attending and promoting the Nakba protest on May 15th. The Nakba commemorates the beginning of aparthied and oppression in Palestine, but also is a symbol of resistance for many Palestinians. Students for Palestine will be holding a number of events soon, including film screenings, stalls and forums, so make sure to get involved and come along to Sydney’s Nakba solidarity protest on May 15th.