SRC General Secretary’s Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2019

</strong><em>Yuxuan Yang and Niamh Callinan</em>

The General secretaries are focus on both SRC operations and off-line event in the March.

Firstly, the acquittal for last years expenditure of the SRC’s SAFF allocation was submitted on the 18th of March.This was highly insightful as it was an opportunity to understand the progression of the SRC last year both in terms of projects and expenditure, and we can expand more initiatives and projects from this to blend into students, realize the condition and problem and then represent the student.

Secondly, President,vice president and general secretary did a Audit meeting with Auditors we through the accounts of last financial year and 90th SRC period. After understanding the SRC financial system, we can use more efficient founding to support our project.

Thirdly, we are going to plan our budget in this year. Although we don’t know the accurately amount of SSAF founding, we begin to study previous year founding and allocation. We will meet All the OBs and the collectives to know what is their annual plan and how could we help them.

We also plan lots of offline event to attract student or service students directly. There will be a Pizza and bear party in Courtyard on 28th Marth,and we will commence for about one hundred students every two week,eating breakfast on time is good for students’ body and let them energetic during all day. It is more important that we can touch student during the event, and we get the valuable opportunity to increase the connect between students group and The SRC. We can also promote SRC free service and SRC event in this kind of project.