SRC General Secretary – Week 3, Sem 2, 2018

In Week 1, the SRC passed its yearly budget—prepared by yours truly.

This is the year operating budget for the SRC and funds all our administration, publications (like this paper!), caseworkers, legal service and the important activism and campaigns of our elected student office bearers. Since Voluntary Student Unionism was implemented, the SRC and student unions across Australia have had to downsize heavily. Only now have we begun to grow through painfully slow increases in our funding from the University.

That said, we’ve been able to do some great new things with our budget. Here are the highlights:
The budget has a small surplus, we’re very proud of this. We’ve also increased our affiliation contribution to the National Union of Students by $1000 to $64 300. This is the SRC has increased its affiliation fee since before VSU.

We will be hiring of a new research officer for the Casework Department. This new officer will help student representatives to better represent students’ interests to the ever more complex behemoth of the University’s management; be able to help office bearers with research for key campaigns; and pursue research projects concerning students’ interests such as affordable housing, welfare benefits and student services. This will also take some of the load for this research from our overworked Casework team, allowing them to better serve students.

We have included substantial training budgets for both the Legal Service and Casework Department. This will allow the Casework team to send at least two caseworkers to a international student focused conference at the end of this to better equip themselves with skills to support international students and face the unique challenges that arise for these students. In addition this will also allow the Legal Service to be able to enrol themselves in a number of online courses that will equip them with the skills necessary to better support our students.
Finally, we were able to commit an additional $650 to the Office Bearers this year. This helps support the work of elected student representatives in fighting bodies like the government and the University to better represent student interests.

There’s a lot more in there! If you’re interested in seeing the full budget (also available at our website) or have any questions, please shoot through and email to