SRC General Secretaries’ Report – Week 13, Sem 1, 2017

Daniel Ergas and Isabella Pytka

A fitting sequel to the 2004 film classic, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, our 2017 budget bonanza – ‘$1.8 Million Dollar Baby’ – will be hitting SRC Council next week. (And yes, it really is our baby. We love it.) As General Secretaries, we have been working hard over the past two months to finalise this budget, and we are both incredibly proud of what is being presented. It is no small thing. We have consulted with each of the SRC collectives – the activists who work tirelessly for progressive change – as well as the SRC departments – who provide legal and casework help to undergraduate students – to fund new and existing projects that will make a tangible difference on campus. to make sure every undergraduate student on this campus is supported. You will be able to see the Budget on the SRC’s website when it is approved by Council – trust us when we say that is a cracking read. (Both Margaret and David give it five stars.)

Looking forward to Semester 2, we thought we should take the time to explain to you a phrase that you may not be familiar with: ‘Enterprise Bargaining’. To put it simply, the University has an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) with its staff. Conditions outlined in an EBA can include pay rates, entitlements, and so much more. The National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) is one of the unions that represent staff on campus and has been negotiating with the University all through Semester 1. The three main asks include increased staff participation in the democratic life of the University, ruling out forced redundancies of staff over the life of the agreement (it lasts several years), and rights for casual workers, giving them fair pay and entitlements. The University has rejected the NTEU’s agenda. On June 8th, the NTEU will be voting on whether they take industrial action. Staff conditions are student conditions; if industrial action is called, stand with your lecturers and tutors.

So we have all made it, to the last week of Semester 1. Good luck with STUVAC and finals, and we will catch you in Semester 2.

B and D x