Priya Gupta and Anne Zhao

Week 5, Semester 1, 2021

Hello all,

We hope the first few weeks of Semester 1 have been going swimmingly for everyone, particularly those who are new to USyd!

Massive reminder that Census Date is coming up fast – Wednesday 31st March! If you haven’t already, have a serious think about if you want to drop any subjects. The time to pick subjects up has passed, but if you want to decrease your study load now is the last chance to without having to pay for the subject or have it appear on your transcript as a fail. Go to the cursed section of Sydney Student where you pick subjects to delete one.

There are a few important events coming up! The SRC collectives are putting on a series of events leading up to the BLM rally on 10th April for 30 years since the final report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC). Both in week 5 – on Tuesday there is an abolitionist panel on imagining a world without prisons, and on Wednesday a film screening of In My Blood It Runs. Check out the SRC FB page for more info and to join the contingent to the rally.

Also, a save-the-date for the SRC’s first forum of the year – Wednesday 22nd April! This will be on the University’s (awful) proposal to move to a 12-week semester model from our current 13 week one. This would mean the same amount of content for the same fees, but with less teaching time. We expect the outcomes to be similar to other universities – more work for staff, more stress for students, and higher fail rates.

Reminder that there is a great opportunity to volunteer for the Food Hub (done by the SRC in collaboration with the USU and Student Life) – a program which provides free essential groceries to students. It is on-campus, regular, and offers the chance to meet and help some fellow students – what more could you ask for in volunteering! Any student is also welcome to a grocery pack, all you need to do is register a time to pick it up from the Wentworth Building. Register or sign-up to volunteer via the SRC website.

Priya and Anne

Week 3, Semester 1, 2021

Hello all!

The start of Sem 1 2021 has been a busy one for your GenSecs!

Since Welcome Week was pushed back from the week before uni starting to the first week of semester, we had a hectic (in all senses of the word) time at the stall all week, letting students know about existence and role of the SRC, publicising the SRC’s services and collectives, and handing out our totes.

Maybe even more so than talking to students and getting great feedback, seeing our bags on the shoulders of many walking around campus has been particularly sweet. If you missed out on getting one during Welcome Week and are keen to get the goodies inside, we still have a few left over which you can have, with SRC masks, pens, stickers, and heaps of useful info! Shoot us an email and we can arrange getting one to you.

A massive thank you to everyone who helped out with packing our 1750 tote bags or handing them out! We absolutely would not have survived the week without our lovely volunteers who chatted to students and did countless treks across Eastern Av to replenish our bag supply.

If you are a new student and for some unknown reason reading this section of Honi, welcome! To find out about the SRC, head to our website or check out the Orientation Handbook online. We highly recommend getting involved in the many collectives and their activist work, and by volunteering with us to help students.

During the first two weeks of uni, we also attended the Women’s Collective’s protest against sexual violence on campus, and the Welfare Action Group’s speakout against the slashing of JobSeeker + JobKeeper. If you are interested in attending similar events, check out the collectives’ facebook pages. We hope to see you at the Women’s Collective’s Snap Rally for Justice for Survivors, and Welfare Action Group’s forum on public and student housing, both Wednesday of Week 3, and the Education Action Group’s staff and student protest against job and fee hikes on Wednesday of Week 4.

Week 1, Semester 1, 2021

We are your General Secretaries. We deal with the SRC budget, organise the SRC’s O-week stall, and help put together our application to the uni (begging) for funds, as well as sitting on committees, publicising the SRC, and helping student reps.

Entering USyd can be difficult. Administration is infamously centralised, course requirements notoriously difficult to pin down, and the website curiously free of any and all useful information. At the same time, things seem to be worsening with a rapid velocity.

Last year the government passed a bill which fucks over struggling students and increases the cost of many degrees. Student housing is only becoming less affordable, Uni Management continues to slash both costs and the quality of our education, and International students stuck overseas are still forced to pay outrageous fees at 3x the rate of domestic students. Navigating all of this on top of your studying, working and the rest of your life can be mind-numbingly frustrating and demoralising.

This is where the SRC comes in. We are composed of student representatives who fight for your interests. Come along to the rally against sexual assault held by the Women’s Collective (3rd March, midday, Eastern Av), or the forum on housing access held by the Welfare Collective (17th March, 4pm, Forest Lodge hotel) to learn about some of the issues we are working to address. We also have caseworkers and solicitors who can help you for free with issues like dealing with centrelink, tenancy issues, and police or court matters.

To talk to some of these lovely people, check out our Welcome Week Stall (in front of the Quad), where you can also pick up a tote bag, some goodies, and the Orientation Handbook we have made for you to help figure out what exactly this place you have committed 3+ years to actually is.

University looks different for everyone. We recommend physically coming into uni if you can, and joining a collective to get involved in the struggles happening around you. Whatever you do in your time here, the SRC is here to help you.