Hey Abe,

I’ve got an assignment due next week and I’m really stressing out. I’ve been juggling extra shifts and had a few other assessments this week and I don’t know if I can finish this one by the due date. What should I do?


Flat Out

Dear Flat Out,

Depending on the type of assignment, you may be able to apply for a Simple Extension. You will need to provide a Student Declaration explaining why you need the extra time, and submit that through the Special Considerations Portal. That will give you 5 extra calendar days. If your assignment is not eligible for a simple extension, you could apply for Special Consideration. You will need to have documented proof from a formal, third party, e.g., a PPC from your GP or counsellor, to show that you are “very severely affected” by illness, injury or misadventure, and need extra time to complete your assignment. In the situation you have described, you should get documentation from your GP or counsellor explaining that you are too stressed out to complete your assignment. Work commitments are not usually considered enough to gain special consideration. Please note that the deadlines for both simple extensions and special considerations are very strict, so apply as soon as possible.