<Your Name, SID and Date>

The University of Sydney NSW 2006

Dear Faculty,

I write to Show Good Cause as to why I should be allowed to continue studying a Bachelor of < … >. I have outlined below the difficulties I have faced since beginning my university studies, and the solutions I am using to ensure that I will successfully complete my degree.

In this section:

  • Explain the problems you have faced and how they affected your ability to study. Do so for each semester (or if relevant, Unit) of study.
  • Outline the evidence of these problems and any attempts to made to deal with these problems over time, as attached.

In this section:

  • Explain how your circumstances have changed so that you can now pass your Units.
  • Explain the solutions that you have started using, to ensure that you will successfully complete your degree, including what help you are now getting.
  • Outline any additional study skills that you will use throughout the rest of your degree.
  • Outline the evidence of these solutions, as attached.
  • Explain why you have a commitment to the course, and what you will do with the degree when you are finished.

Yours sincerely,