Sexual Harassment Officers Report – Week 2, Sem 1, 2019

Sonia Gao, Charlotte Plashik, Layla Mkh and Jazz Breen.

During the Welcome Week, We wrote an article about ‘How to identify and prevent sexual harassment in the o-week’ with women’s office, and we posted it on the SRC official Wechat platform, which was viewed over 1500 times within 3 days. Inspired by the good response. we’re thinking about if we could share it on Facebook. Besides, We also created a new section with the women’s office called ‘Girls Channel’ in the Wechat platform so that we could post more articles about women’s safety and sexual harassment to share with our readers. And the following details are the main ideas of our Wechat airticle:

1.What is Sexual Harassment? We discussed the definition of sexual harassment at start to tell the subject of our airticle.
2. How to identify if I was sexual harassed? We listed 11 different ways of actions for different levels that could be considered as harassment.
3. What is Sexual Consent? In this part, we discussed if sexual behaviors with consent are not sexual harassment. Besides, this topic is also connected with an important section on Canvas.
4. Why Sexual Harassment is more frequent in the Welcome week? According to results of a survey conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission, we can see the potential dangers in campus during special periods.
5. How to protect oneself? There are 5 efficient tips recommended to prevent oneself from being harassed.
6. Does Sexual Harassment have a gender preference? No. Male and female are both have chances to suffer threats.
7. Where to go for help? We gave different potions depending on urgent situations and right protection after.

As Sexual harassment officers, we are excited that we witnessed a fantastic start of this year, during the o-week, and we hope the students could really benefit from our works.