Residential College Report – Week 12

Congratulations to the recently elected Union Board Directors Michael Rees, Jack Whitney, Atia Rahim, Marco Avena, Tiff Alexander and Shannen Potter! The above are all capable and experienced representatives who will serve the USU well. However this year we regret that there was a lack of representation from the USyd Colleges, as none of the above elected Directors (to our knowledge) are associated with one.

As all Residential College students are Union members it is important that we have a say in its direction, especially as the fight goes on for transparency, greater representation of marginalised groups (including wom*n, queer and ethno-culturally diverse people) and as Sensitivity Training is extended to all student leaders.

Again, we congratulate the new elected directors, but call on Residential College students to stay involved in Union programs and to continue casting a vote in coming years to decide the direction of your union. On another note, though in a similar vein, all four Residential College Officers encourage College students to broaden their involvement in the SRC’s various initiatives in the (inevitable) lead-up to this year’s SRC election, which will take place some time around September.

The SRC does great things for student welfare and has strong roots in activism. Above and beyond all obscure factional alignments, all of the current SRC Office Bearers in the departments for Wom*n, Queer students, Ethnic Affairs and the Environment have been autonomously preselected by their collectives, which are open to anybody with an applicable identity/interest.

For evidence of the amazing work of these Collectives, you need not look past this incred Wom*n’s Edition of Honi Soit, or the ongoing fossil fuel divestment campaign, Fossil Free Usyd, of which many of the recent USU Board Director candidates came out in support.

For more information, please get in touch with us at Cheers!

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